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Our mission is to fortify our community by assuring that MUSIC EDUCATION is a top priority in every school.

Adopt a School

Support your favorite school music program (band, orchestra or choir) and provide critical resources to help them achieve their goals.

Thanks to our Sponsors

We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors, without whom our programs would not be possible.

Smith’s Community Rewards Program

Legacy Music Alliance is now a member of the Smith’s Community Rewards Program. Register your FREE rewards card NOW to benefit Utah school music programs.

Encouraging Students

LMA encourages students to stay in band, orchestra, or choir by providing functional instruments, and high quality professional instruction.

Empowering Teachers

Our Educators Essentials program provides mentoring, clinicians in the classrooms, and discounted rates for UMEA and Trade Secrets.

Engaging Communities

LMA supports music education opportunities wherever they may be in the communities we serve.

LMA Announces New Programs

In order to best support the music educators we serve Legacy Music Alliance has created new membership and benefit programs.
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First Annual Jazz Immersion Workshop

The first annual Jazz Teacher Immersion Workshop, sponsored by Legacy Music Alliance, was a rousing success. The three-day event brought music educators together to immerse themselves in jazz to help them better teach their students.
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