Funding for music education as a core part of the curriculum is under constant threat all across Utah.  Along with you, Legacy Music Alliance is helping school music programs fill gaps in funding in order to increase the success of music educators and their students.

Working through school administrators and music teachers, Legacy Music Alliance is able to identify the school music program’s most urgent needs while helping to become a voice for Music and Education.


During the 2015-2016 school year, your funds helped
repair and purchase 924 instruments like these.
Many more repairs and purchases are needed.
Please help Utah music students.
Why are Funds Needed to Support Music Education in Utah Schools?

To manage and grow a fully functioning band, orchestra, and choir classes not to mention, guitar and bagpipes programs, takes money.  In school districts with high fee-waiver students, the budget to repair and replace school-owned instruments might only be $500 and that budget is needed to manage 50 instruments and purchase sheet music. 

Here is a list of regular maintenance expenses for just one instrument:

  • One Violin A String: $15
  • One Cello A String: $25
  • Set of Violin Strings: $60
  • Set of Cello Strings: $120
  • Replacement Cello Bow: $60

cello bow

New Cello Bow

Tuba mouthpiece

New Mouthpiece

  • Trumpet mute: $15-$75
  • Jazz Saxophone Mouthpieces: $125-$400
  • Yarn Percussion Mallets: $35
  • Bass Drum Beater: $40.00
  • Replacement Heads for Timpani: $300 (set of 4)
  • Student Trumpet Mouthpiece: $35
  • Student Tuba Mouthpiece: $100

Below are the approximate costs if a music program has to purchase new instruments:

  • Student Trombone:              $700
  • Student Trumpet:                  $500
  • Student Clarinet:                $300
  • Student Violin:                    $500
  • Student Cello:                        $900
  • String Basses:                        $2,500-$5,000
  • Baritone Saxophone:            $6,000
  • Tuba:                                      $4,000-$10,000

Broken Cello

Broken Cello

new clarinet

Student Clarinet Replacement

new violin

Student Violin


Adopt a School MUSIC PROGRAM $750

This level of contribution places funds towards the needs of (1) junior high or high school music program (band, orchestra, choir, or other qualified music program) for the entire school year, beginning July 1st and ending June 30th.

Benefits to the music program you sponsor include:

          *80% of sponsorship contributions go directly to secondary music programs as outlined

Benefits to you as their sponsor:

  • Your name or company will be listed on our donors page.
  • You will receive a photo and a thank-you letter from the school program
  • A certificate of recognition will be presented to the school music program in your name
  • Whenever possible, you will receive (2) tickets to one of the school’s concert performances
$10 - $749 Contribution

Legacy Music Alliance is grateful for your contribution. Without donors like you, the program could not exist.  Your gift will help pay for instrument repairs and purchases, assist with mentoring teachers and students, place paid clinicians in the classrooms, and sustain internal operations which manage and grow the number of schools receiving resources.  Thank you!

Benefits to you as a donor:

  • Your name will be recognized on the LegacyMusicAlliance.org website as a donor

Do you have a skill set that could be useful to music in schools? Are you a musician who could help students? We always have needs in marketing, graphic design, social media promotion, and persuasive writing. If you can help, please contact us. Email info@legacymusicalliance.org