Empower Teachers

Nationwide, schools have lost 42% of their arts budgets in the last 10 years. Utah schools spend less per student than any other state on education – about half the national average. Utah music teachers must manage an entire inventory of instruments, as well as provide instruction, while often lacking the resources to do so. 

Legacy Music Alliance lends a hand to teachers, providing funds to repair or replace much-needed equipment for their students to be successful. Most secondary school music programs in Utah, have limited funding to repair or purchase new instruments and sheet music. Legacy Music Alliance helps fill those funding gaps, thanks to generous contributions from our donors. 

ITS Bass Crack

Weather cracks in string instruments affect the sound and stability of the instrument. This repair could cost as much as $500.00.

ITS Mtn Crest Mallets

The needs of a percussion section are always changing. Sticks and mallets are always on a teacher’s list of expenses.

MC Timpani

A new set of timpani costs around $10,000.00. We help keep instruments in working order to prevent costly replacements.

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