With a core competency of music education, LMA brings the best educators to classrooms across Utah through the Clinicians in the Classroom program. Students are able to learn first-hand from professional musicians, conductors, and singers from the comfort of their own classroom. The experienced educators are sure to inspire and advance students of all ages. The development and achievement of students through music is a top priority for Legacy Music Alliance.


CC Randy LeeTrumpet Clinican Dr. Randy Lee instructs some young brass players.

Choir students at Box Elder High School in Brigham City, Utah.

Utah students no longer have to suffer from the effects of worn out equipment. With the Instruments to Students program, students are able to practice and perform with full confidence in their newfound abilities. Legacy Music Alliance stands out by focusing on student success. LMA does so by funding two robust programs, Clinicians in the Classroom and Instruments to Students. Both programs are designed to allow students the opportunity to learn and grow through music. Whether by classroom-based mentorship or instrument maintenance and refurbishing, LMA can assure Utah children an exceptional music education experience.


Students’ skills are strengthened by fully-functioning equipment that LMA works hard to maintain and refurbish. Whether it’s ensuring the functionality of basic tools like music stands, or providing brand new instruments for band, orchestra, and choir classes, LMA strives to provide the best learning environment possible. Our goal is to see Utah children reach their full potential and become the best they can be.

Your donations directly impact students across Utah through these two programs. With bettering schools and students as the main focus, there is no limit to what LMA can accomplish. Help Legacy Music Alliance help Utah students achieve their ambitions by improving schools through music education.

Hunter orch 2

Hunter Junior High School Orchestra displays its thanks to the Wheeler Foundation for their support.

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